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Classic Pizza serving Sudbury since 1964


Tony Masotti, the founder of Cortina Pizza, moved to Canada from Italy with only a quarter in his pocket. In 1964 he put enough of those quarters together to open the first Cortina Pizza location. We were the first take-out and delivery restaurant in the City of Sudbury. We introduced the famous Kitchen Sink Pizza and the legendary Meatball Sandwich. We are still here, we still love this city, and we look forward to feeding you and your family.


The Iconic Pail of Pasta and the Influence of Pasta

What is it about pasta that makes us go bananas for it? In reality, the dish is quite simple. Think water, flour, salt, maybe eggs if it's fresca style (i.e. fresh pasta). Yet, we argue it’s this simplicity that makes the dish so great! There’s plenty of reasons we can think of as to why pasta is not only one of the most popular dishes in the world...but pasta is seriously iconic! Not to mention Cortina’s iconic pail of pasta. Did you hear that was back? 

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How to Pair Pizza and Party Drinks

When it comes to food, I know that the best way to take any meal to the next level is to pair it with a drink that not only excites the taste buds but also compliments the dish in all the right ways.

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The Most Expensive Pizzas In The World

Is your piggy bank pretty full? Well, we might know just the right thing for you to put that money towards...

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Mind Blowing Things You Probably Don’t Know About Garlic!

Everyone knows that garlic is a staple ingredient in Italian cooking! But we bet you haven't even acknowledged this divine ingredient's full potential. Treat your brain and taste buds to some mind-blowing facts about garlic that you'll wish you knew sooner!

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You're Eating Leftover Pizza Wrong!

If you’re ordering pizza, chances are, you’re getting a lot. If you’re ordering Cortina Pizza obviously you’re gonna order a whole bunch of delicious pizza. So undoubtedly, there will be leftovers.

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Celebrate Romantic Awareness Month With 3 Pizza Dates In Sudbury!

August is Romantic Awareness Month! Set the table for love with 3 fun and easy date ideas in Sudbury that will set the mood for you and your loved one! 

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5 Pizzas for 5 Amazing LGBTIQA+ Figures!

Pride & Pizza! To celebrate Sudbury's upcoming Pride Event, we're honouring 5 extraordinary LGBTIQA+ figures by pairing them up with a Cortina Pizza that suits their spirit and coolness!

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The Best Types of Pizza in the World

As a person of taste, I’ve tried and experienced hundreds of different flavours of pizzas from all across the globe. Pizza’s with the strangest toppings, several kinds of cheese, and some with the strangest of names, I’m looking at you banana and curry pizza, one that I certainly won’t forget anytime soon… and not for a good reason.

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